You Might Be A Spammer If You Do This?

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Stop Spamming!One thing that is very sad about Internet marketing is people use automated tools incorrectly to spam their social profiles, others accounts, ect.  It’s all about making a quick buck.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Let me ask you a question have you seen stuff on the internet and actually been a little bit interested in what they had to say?  Then once you liked, followed, or even joined their mailing list your feelings completely change about that person?  So what the hell am I talking about?

Twitter – Spam

Automating your tweets is fine.  Respectable marketers do this all the time.  Personally, I like Hootsuite and Buffer, but guess what makes me different than others that do this incorrectly.  I only post 4-5 times a day and I am sharing content that is relevant to blogging that people will enjoy reading.  Why on earth would I do this?  Because, people see that and the fact that you used the “@” at the end giving them credit for their work helps build relationships.  9 times out of 10 you will get thanked for it or they might start sharing your stuff too.

An idiot would post all their post every 15 minutes and pretty much only their stuff.  Whether it be post they have written in the past.  Way to be active on Twitter if you are doing this.  You might wonder why people stop following and even listening to you.  That’s your answer.  Start doing stuff correctly.  Hope your Twitter doesn’t get banned too.  You might want to check out my Twitter 101 guide.

Facebook – Spam

Got to love this one.  Pretty much just using a program to share your stuff every 5-10-30 minutes is a waste of time.  In fact, it kills your Edgerank and you just look like a fool doing it.  Facebook is a social network so that means you should be social.  If you think automated tools are going to be a goldmine your in for a shock.

Also, going through and just “liking” post on Facebook walls doesn’t magically mean you are going to get a ton of visitors over to your site.  Why don’t you try adding something to the article, image, or video.  People are just lazy and will take the easy way out of a lot of things in Internet marketing.  Good for me because I know how to do stuff right without taking shortcuts!  I have been in this business for quite awhile now.  See my Facebook 101 article for more on this.

Email List – Spam

Ok, this is a big one and I see people screwing this up left and right.  Let’s say I opt-in to your mailing list.  I get my free eBook or whatever.  Then I get a message from you every day and sometimes twice a day.  Really this might go on until the end of time.  Buy this, buy that, ect.  Adrienne Smith actually wrote about this in her post on  “Why some automatic settings are a very bad idea.”  She has a cool blog, so if you haven’t discovered it start reading it or I have a swarm of hungry geckos coming to your house :)  They move slowly so depending on where you live it might take them awhile to get there.  Also, if you live in a cold environment they probably won’t get there.

But, seriously to make it in Internet marketing it’s a real job.  Yeah there are tools that are useful and some might even make you some money for awhile, but don’t be surprised when your account get suspended or you get labeled as a spammer.  Remember the 80/20 rule.  Share 80% other content and 20% yours.  Big thanks to Donna Merrill, Ileane Smith, Justin Germino, and so many others for helping me on the social media aspect of Internet marketing.  You’ll go much further in Internet marketing that way.  What other spammy or unethical things have you seen people doing that make you want to pull your own teeth out?

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  • Larry James

    What you say is so true Garen. There are some very aggressive internet marketers out there. Sometimes I follow someone on twitter, and they tweet every 10 minutes. It is obvious that they are using automation tools. Once I realize that they are not providing any real value, they are only marketing their products, I simply stop following them.

    • Garen Arnold

      Yeah it’s like hitting you with offer after offer. Yeah show me the product every 5 min and I’ll buy it. Actually, I will just unfollow, unlike, or unsubscribe.

  • Adrienne

    Thanks for the mention Garen and you’re right. There are SO many people doing it all wrong. Whether they realize this or not is another question.

    Okay, some do it on purpose just to piss me off I think but seriously. There are those that are being taught these tactics which is why some of this upsets me so. I was taught the wrong way to do things too which is why I know some of the big guys are sharing their unethical underhanded ways.

    This is a topic that needs to be brought to light more and maybe more people will realize this and then start doing something about stopping it. Wouldn’t that be awesome.

    Thanks again and enjoy what’s left of this week.


    • Garen Arnold

      I think a lot of people just do it because they are lazy. They buy into this get rich without doing anything mentality. Like TweetAdder I think the only good purpose of that program is to autopost 4-5 comments per day (other people’s post). However, I know use Hootsuite for that. I remember a week or so ago you made post on TweetDeck failed you. I was thinking about having a plugin developed that would do exactly what you want. Save you lots of time and would be on the backend of WordPress. But, if I had a dollar for every time I saw someone doing this I would be rich! AAHHHHH!

  • Ileane

    Hey Garen,

    Thanks for the awesome shout out! It makes me feel good to see that you are giving credit to other wonderful bloggers like Adrienne, Donna and Justin. One thing they have in common is that they are very honest and that gives them a lot of integrity.

    I find that some people are really desperate to “succeed” online and they also have no patience. So they end up wasting money on every tool, webinar or program out there that promises them instant results. It’s a shame because they are throwing their money out the window and the only thing they will get quickly is scammed!

    Thanks for setting them straight.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Ileane,

      Yes Adrienne, Donna, Justin, and you are great bloggers and I have a lot of respect for them. You can always tell whenever I talk with any of you that your not trying to sell me something which is nice. Some bloggers I meet are like buy this through my affiliate link and I will buy one through yours….lol. Is that real internet marketing? Kind of desperate if you ask me. Lot’s of people buy into this false lifestyle that you just click a button and money comes pouring in. In the words of Forrest Griffen (a great fighter) “Nothing worth doing in life is easy.”

  • Felicia

    I have certainly come across all three of what you describe above. I think I’ve run into the email spam the most, which is also the most annoying in my opinion. It’s because of email spam that I generally don’t subscribe to blogs anymore. Constantly being bombarded with mail about buying this or buying that, you should read this or that, especially when it has nothing to do with the blog I signed up to receive updates from is just annoying. I think more people have to realize that you don’t have to bombard your subscribers with emails to get them to come back to read your blog.

    As for Twitter and Facebook spam, I find that it’s easier to ignore, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. I definitely think that this is a topic that needs to be brought to light.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Fellcia,
      Yeah, I have a mailbox with 10,000+ spam in it. Don’t even check it anymore. What I don’t like is so called Internet marketing “gurus” spamming on Twitter and Facebook. It pretty much takes all their creditability away from them.

  • Lisa

    I love the 80/20 rule and it can be applied to so many areas in our lives. I love how Adrienne does her newletters, she’s the model to follow on them. I find too many on Facebook and Twitter send out their own messages 80% vs. 20%. Of course the more followers you have the more you can post. It is also important to BE social and engaging on all the networks. If you Federer someone without getting thanks, you’ll less likely retweet them again. Its like being in person, if you say hello and they don’t say hello back, you won’t go out of your way to greet them again, right?

    • Garen Arnold

      Yeah you have to give in order to receive. I believe that’s how the new era has begun (seeing how the world didn’t end). Engage is the new SEO. Yep, it like you saying hi to me and I just turn my head and act like I didn’t see you. Funny because sometime I try to start a conversation with someone and they never respond.

  • Raena Lynn

    Hi Garen,

    You did a great job presenting the three most likely places for spam. It is annoying and it doesn’t get you anywhere except a bad reputation. I think most of the “spammers” are new people who do not understand internet marketing, attraction marketing. They think people are really going to buy from someone they don’t know? In time they will learn.

    I’ve recently realized that I need to revamp my Twitter account so I will take a look at your Twitter 101 guide. I feel I have to start over because when I started I didn’t understand how it worked. I have many people in my account who are not following, so I am currently unfollowing all of them and find real followers! I have some very good connections and I will keep them. Thanks to Adrienne Smith, I’m learning about the power of Twitter when it is used correctly.

    I really like your blog and I will continue to visit. It’s so nice to meet bloggers who “get it.” You mentioned Adrienne Smith, Donna Merrill, Ileane Smith, and Justin Germino. I certainly know Adrienne and Donna. I’ll check out Ileane and Justin because of your recommendation. Thanks Garen!

    Raena Lynn

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Raena,

      I have heard its about more engagement before the sell. I saw a hangout with Alex Mandossian that really set it straight for me. How social is the new thing. Check out this video. Very long but awesome: Pretty much all I learned about Twitter came from John Paul Aguiar eBook Twitter Dummy. I’m like you Raena, I had no clue on how to use Twitter correctly, but now I do :) It’s awesome!

  • Kimberly Castleberry

    Each site has a time frame during which content remains viewable and reposting during that time can be problematic. With Twitter, every 15 minutes actually can work (this assumes good relevant content) as long as your followers also tend to be regular visitors, as the stream really does move that fast. However, in contrast, Facebook and LinkedIn can really only handle a few posts a day. A handful perhaps on a FB profile and no more than 3 on a FB page. Then you contrast that over to email where 3 x/day is considered much too much by most people. In ALL platforms you must be aware of tolerance thresholds, conditioning your audience, preframing and understanding the mechanics of that particular communication channel.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Kim,
      Yeah as long as you posting good content on Twitter you can do it more frequently, but promoting your post every 5-10 min is just spamming. On Facebook I have seen a number of people doing this and quite annoying and I usually unlike or ignore their page since I get an update from them ever 5 min about previous post they wrote and affiliate offers. It looks a little desperate to me!

  • William Amis

    Great insight on each location and one that is worse is LinkedIn. I can never figure out why anyone would ask me to endorse then when we never have spoken? They have not even reached out to update me on what is going on in their life or business. That is just bad and needs to be slowed down.

    Then from all locations people send those spams emails “Acting As A Business” without knowing what the heck they are doing. They have no foundation as to a real business presents. They use “Free Personal Email Accounts” like @gmail or @hotmail and expect people to join some money program? That is just a waste of time and when you ask them to stop. They keep on sending the same pitch junk to your email account.

    That is just wrong and I turn it around with sending them information on how they really look and why they are not getting the response they dream of.

    Most people are just focused on a quick buck as you have pointed out. They should realize that more people now require the respect for you to get to know their desires and not assume they can or will jump at your product or service or money program.

    Thanks for awakening this problem and I pray it gets out to more people who need to be made aware of it.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey William,

      Wow asking you to endorse them on LinkedIn from people you have never met. That’s just a tad bit desperate and quite frankly annoying! Yeah, sending out emails from “awesome” SEO companies from programs they use just to gather my email and try to get my business is a complete waste of time. If they new anything at all about me they would understand I own a SEO company and certainly don’t need any hope on SEO (I am a full time affiliate marketer). In fact, your program pulled me up because I am at the tops.

      I agree gmail accounts don’t look very professional or even trustworthy. Money can make people do odd things and it’s sad this online marketing world does a lot of unethical things. It’s a real business and annoys people like you and me that do things correctly.

  • Ti Roberts

    Great post, Garen. A lot of people get it wrong when it comes to driving traffic through social media. Like you mentioned, they think that just auto posting links to your status update is going to magically send them thousands of visitors. I think a lot of people that get into internet marketing take it as some kind of game and halfass what is needed to really see success.

    I admit, when I first got into IM 7 years ago I didn’t do everything right and it took me a lot of trial and error to finally get it together. The thing that you have to remember is that you’re building a real business online, just like with any business offline you have to treat it with respect and put in the effort to build relationships and grow your brand. It takes time and you have to be willing to be diligent in your efforts. Thanks for sharing your insights on this topic. Good stuff!


    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Ti,

      Yeah, I agree they don’t treat it like a real business. It just makes me pull my hair out when I see people using TweetAdder and calling themselves a Twitter guru or making claims about how they make 6,000 a month from it. There is no magic program that is going to make you tons of money for the longrun. This needs to be pounded into some peoples head! Sure people can figure out loopholes, but that’s not real business. I have made my share of mistakes now 4 years in, but I learn from my mistakes.