Why Not Use Your Blog To Boost Your Latest Service Release?

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Blogs have many uses and one of them is aimed towards revenue increase for the blogger. The most common approach to making a profit from your blog is by placing adverts on your site. Another way is by installing AdSense and counting your profits as the clicks start building up nicely. But were you aware that you can also make a nice few coins from advertising your own products and services? Your service business can often exceed your own expectations if you use the social network side of blogging to boost your offering’s potential. If you would like to learn a little more, why not read the rest of this article?

A Passive Approach Is Best

It has been proven that your approach to this method is crucial to your success, and you need to understand the needs of your readers before you start any type of promotional movement. Blog readers are typically people who really enjoy a good read above all else. If they sense that you are acting in a self-promotional way, they will not stick around for long. There are thousands of bloggers that are happy to take your place, so be very careful how you do this.

Quality Content is The Key

If you want an appropriate analogy, think of your blog content as the bait for your prize. The higher the quality, the more visitors are going to come, and the longer they will hang around. The readers also like to read about useful information that they believe is good advice. Once they start to trust your blog, they will develop an interest in your secondary offerings. There is no way to accelerate this issue, and you need quality and lots of it.

Build a Reputation           

A good reputation is solid gold in the promotion business, and you need to constantly offer high quality content that is reliable to achieve this. Ensure that all of your articles and features are accurate and a little more original than the typical blogger will offer. Remember that the blog approach is free, but the potential results can be massive. You just need patience and consistently good offerings.

Introduce Your Own Services and Products

Once you are happy that you have a loyal and fairly large fan base, you can begin to introduce your good stuff to the blog. Remember not to blow your own trumpet too much and see how your audience reacts before steaming ahead. Do not be afraid to include valuable information, as long as the blog’s quality remains high, you will reap the benefits eventually.

Link Your Blog

Once you have started to establish your own services as part of the blog, you can connect it to your other social media platforms. Many businesses have done it this way and are reaping the benefits. You can reach many more potential customers if you remember to actively involve your existing network in this way. Your blog will gain more followers and your social sites will also be attracting your blog followers on board.

The Only Way is Up!

Once you have built up your blog to this level, remember to treat it as a valuable part of your business and never be tempted to rest on your laurels. Be considerate to your followers because they are integral to your new found success!

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Today’s feature writer, Larry Jagers, is a passionate blogger and a technology enthusiast. His love for gadgets is evident through his blogs and he makes his living by working at a short run packaging company.

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  • http://incometherapy.com Jeremy Norton

    There are indeed a lot of ways to benefit and earn from our blog. We just have to maximize our blog to the best of our advantage.

  • siraj_570

    Dear Sir,
    I am very glad to learn the article and and impressed. I am a developer and i have just started blogging near about six month but my posts are copied text but when i came to know that it is not right way to bloging then i stared writing in different way after reading the latest news. But again i came to know about niche. My blog contains the mixed content can i make it niche if i write the blog on latest content about on topic my blog is rslink.in. If you guide me then it would be very greatfull.

  • http://gdiblog.g-bowen.ws/ Gregory Bowen

    People Blog for lots of different reasons….many there blog is a means to an end….Myself …I started to Blog about 9 months ago….Then I met some people that helped me out ….and I’m still here….I have been amazed at the benefits that have come from blogging….I agree that content makes a huge difference ……It really helps if you like to write ….and practice never hurts….Content will keep them coming back!….Thanks Garen….Smokey

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Smokey,

      Blogging takes quite some time before it actually starts to pay off. It can take several years to build a niche site that converts and has a large reader base.

  • http://www.leslyfederici.net Lesly Federici

    Nice blog and the first time I have been here… Good points on how to use your blog as an income source. Building a reputation is very important because people get to know you, like, and trust and eventually buy… it takes time but well worth it…

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Lesly,

      What makes me sad is people that jeopardize their reputation just to make a buck :(

  • http://raenalynn.com Raena Lynn

    Hi Garen,

    Thanks for the insight. The most important thing is to develop a fan base, and the only way to do it is to establish a good reputation by providing value in your posts. Although obvious, you are right about bloggers. They like a good read so you are not going to see much devotion if the value isn’t there.

    You made a comment, “Once they start to trust your blog, they will develop an interest in your secondary offerings. There is no way to accelerate this issue, and you need quality and lots of it.” That is the challenge, but it is the only way there will be monetary results.

    Thanks for showing the steps to promoting your services the right way.

    Raena Lynn

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Raena,

      Value is essential to being successful online. So many times I see people put together a crappy site and wonder why no one ever keeps coming back.

  • http://catricala.ws nick catricala

    I knew you were good.. but after reading the article above, I say to my self, not only good writing but also, good person…

    You have inspired me and (as you remember, helped me a times, and I thank you very much) continue to inspire me to be myself.. because by being your self there is no way to jeopardise who you are, who you want others to know you for and yes, who may become your customer, jv or team member.

    As you mentioned above in one of your reply, many people do all kinds of not so nice things just to earn a buck or two, but do not know that in the long run they loose so much more than just money.

    I love what I do and love to support others succeed on anything that I can support them.. and love to do it at no cost for my time… once we get to know each others and each one of us feel good to be friends, team members and or join venture… only at that time we both feel comfortable to talk about how we can earn a living by ethically and honestly working together or (as it happen already so many times) I continue supporting them for as long as they like, because that is why I was initially involved in and never back up from that promise unless they want to.

    Great article Garen.. I should come to read your articles more often, but as you know, life can get in the way, but I love to say coming to read your articles I have a wonderful feeling of who you are what you stand for.