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RSS SyndicationWhat good is it having a blog if no one ever sees it or comments on it.  Syndication is vital to your blog, and in this blog post I want to discuss some of the strategies I use on my blog and would encourage fellow bloggers to start using on their blogs.  They are in no particular order :) – This is a great site for syndicating your content.  Basically, you sign up for free and join tribes.  You can join 5 tribes with your account.  Also, you can make your own custom groups, too.  Thinking about doing my own group soon :).  Another thing I like about this site is bonfires .  This is simply a forum where you find people that are looking to start a community with similar interest.  Yeah, I know when I first started using this site, thanks to Lisa Buben was really overwhelmed.  It seemed very confusing.  But, I stuck with it, like I do like I tend to when I don’t understand something and love it.

It’s important to share others content as well as automate your content, which will go out through your rss feed.  All to many times I just see people sharing their stuff, but never actually engaging with other people.  Make sure it’s relevant to your site and space out your automatic post every 4 hours.  That’s what syndication is all about (not spamming the hell out of Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, ect.)  So make sure you participate.

For anyone that is confused with I found an awesome video on YouTube.  Make sure you watch it:

Thanks Chris Voss for the excellent video! – I simply love this site!  It’s a social bookmarking community for small business and entrepreneurs.  I have had great success by participating on this site.  My best post I always submit to BizSugar.  Not to mention, you also want to like and comment on others submissions (make sure you read the post!).  You need to have little communities where you engage people and BizSugar is great for that!

Big tip for you when you guest post or submit your articles make sure you submit your post to BizSugar.  It helps build a strong backlink and more natural links.  This increases the link juice that goes to your blog.  Lastly, real good post will get published and I have seen huge spikes in traffic when my post get published.  Very fun!  Easy to use and you can only submit 3 post in 24 hours. – I recently watched Ileane’s video on YouTube. (make sure you subscribe to her channel it’s great!).  She made a good point about claiming your blog there and many people look down on it.  Honestly, I don’t know why either Ileane?  Maybe they are just lazy!  It was her number 5 source of traffic via social media.  I don’t spend much time there, but I have claimed my blogs there and it does pass some good link juice.  Now that I think of it I should really start participating there more often. – Last but not least, Blogengage is great.  You can automatically submit your post by putting in your rss feed.  This works great for me because I have two big sites and I am allowed 3 rss automated syndications with my account.  I actually spend more time here than the others, and I am 96th overall in terms of rankings by users.  I’ll get into that top 10 in due time :).  That is one thing you can count on!

Also, you can submit manual urls.  So let’s say you guest post on Ileane’s website.  What I would do is share that post on Blogengage and Bizsugar.  It helps build up more link juice as I stated above.  Brian has done a wonderful job and recently redesigned Blogengage and even implemented a point system where you can win cool rewards.  Lastly, there are competitions where you can win 1,000 for best guest post on Blogengage and other great contest.  Rather than going on and on about it check out my full Blogengage review here.

What is your favorite places to syndicate content online?  Are there any you use that are not on this list?  Please leave your comments down below.

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  • Heru Prasetyono

    Wow What a great topic! I like this posting very much. You tell me some important basic points which will be very useful for me as a newbie. Nobody tell me as clear as this honestly. I appreciate it very much and I will make a note for this. I think I will do the RSS Syndycation immediately so my blog will be improved and can go to the next level. Thank you Garen. You give me another valuable views.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Heru,

      Yeah, this topic is a longtime coming and something you should be taking advantage of. All are free but (but well worth it). Let me know if you have any questions or issues with any of the above.

  • Larry James

    This is an excellent share Garen. I use some of these services to syndicate my blog. Blog Engage is my favourite. I have meet so many great bloggers and even had Ms. Ileane comment on one of my articles. It is a great community.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Larry,

      Yeah BlogEngage is awesome! I am 96th ranked out of all users. Kind of a personal goal to get in top 10 or so spot :) Yeah Ileane is awesome!

  • Liane Markus

    I am not really aware on how RSS syndication really works until i have read and seen this blog of yours. I was able to gain new knowledge from this and now I already know how it works and what are the benefits that I can get from it.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Liane,

      Try it and you will see good results :)

  • Bruno Buergi

    Hey Garen
    Thank you for these tips. I haven’t known these services. I will definitely have a closer look at these so I can spread my word in more places.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Bruno,

      Yes look into them they are great and work wonders for your blog.

  • Kim Stanbrook

    Fantastic post, full with lots of information and suggestions – thank you. Now bookmarked and will be spending some time at the weekend exploring further.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Kim,

      Thanks. Rss Syndication is a huge part to blogging!

  • Ileane

    Hi Garen! Thanks so much for the shout out!

    I certainly agree that we should syndicate our feeds to places like Blog Engage. BizSugar is really awesome and I’ve met a ton of great people there as well.

    Another site that I like to use is called Bloggers [dot] com. It’s super easy to submit your feed and there are always new bloggers to connect with.

    I’ll be sure to share this post and vote for it too. Thanks again.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Ileane,

      Yeah, I have but have yet to have time to participate on it. It’s on my list of things to do. Also, I have which I do syndicate with but haven’t had time to participate there yet :) One of these days!

  • Donna Merrill

    A big shout out and thank your for this post Garen!

    I’m new to Triberr and having a heck of a time using it wisely. It is sort of a love/hate relationship. Until… have giving me this great video to watch. It was surely helpful to me.

    As for Ileane’s link! Great video and I went over to “Like” it. Thanks for your go-giving post.


    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Donna,

      Yeah I know when I first heard about it from Lisa I spent a couple hours just trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Glad I found that video. I am in 4 tribes and really should start my own tribe. You wanna join? I can ask some others to join too.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the mention. Isn’t Triberr wonderful in time? I like just retweet too but I don’t think they have as many people there. I like Blog Engage too. I haven’t used technorita, could not get code to work. Did not find any support from them so never went back. Thanks again and have a great day.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Lisa,

      Yeah Triberr is awesome. I believe it’s going to be huge in the Blogosphere. For technorati it can be a pain to validate your blog (or claim it). Whatever they call it. I could probably help you claim it if you wanted to start syndicating from there.

      • Lisa

        Thanks Garen, I may try that again and let you know. Appreciate it!

  • Babanature

    Hello Garen,
    seriously! triberr is hard to use, i still can’t figure the hang of it. i also love justretweet and blockube. thanks.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Babanature,

      Yeah, I know triberr was hard to figure out when I first started! Hence the video.

  • Babanature

    it would be great if you can give me the link to the video… it would really make my day.

    • Garen Arnold

      It’s on the post :)

  • Babanature

    Lol :) Never really noticed the video. but thanks anyway