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Pagerank - Doesn't MatterHoly shit.  I am tired of these post about PR (pagerank) and how it impacts your rankings in Google.  Have you not learned anything from Google.  Seriously, I get these emails, request, ect. every day.  “We can build high PR links for you”.  Ok in this article you are going to hear my two cents on Pagerank and why so many people follow the sheep off the cliff.

Way back in 2008 or something; I don’t know the year but it was a longtime ago you used to be able to get sites ranked high in Google just by getting more high PR sites than your comp.   It didn’t matter whether they were related or not.  Well, Google took note of this and adjusted their algorithm to say hey blackhatters it not all about PR and you can’t game our rankings with this crap.

So does PR matter?  No not really, I don’t know why so many people get caught up on this.  Who gives a crap what your PR is for your site.  I got a a number of PR5 and PR4 sites does that mean anything? No!   Seriously, I got to start posting these emails where people are trying to sell me PR blog links.  Honestly, I should forward them to Google so they can devalue them.

So let me make this loud and clear your PR doesn’t really matter.  My site is a PR 2 last I checked but does it matter, not really.  What matters is I have great content and build links and do things ethically.  That will take you further than any shitty blackhat approach a lot of people seem to be taking.

Seriously, if people would stop taking all their time to game Google and do things right they wouldn’t be crying when their site gets slapped, and they don’t know what to do about it.  Trust me I am speaking from experience.  I know a number of people that are 100% blackhat; let’s game Google and make money.  Well, I got news for you there are real affiliate marketers and SEO’s that make a living doing what they do.

Pagerank email

I was just inspired to write this post because I get all this crap everyday about PR and here is what I can do for you.  Hey wake up you moron I run a SEO/affiliate marketing business Dead Dog Design Inc.  Stop emailing me on how you get me listed on the tops of Google.  Your auto program wouldn’t have ever scraped my email if I wasn’t already there!  Jackass!

I want this on my tombstone PR doesn’t matter do things correctly and you will be fine!  Can I get an amen.  Oh, sorry for the language if that offended anyone I am truly sorry :)  The next Pagerank email I or post I read I am going to run outside and tell at the top of my lungs.

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  • Beth Hewitt

    And relax….

    Hehe, I can feel your annoyance. I get these all the time and I go.. huh! PR rank is nice, but not everything. So long as your create quality content, build a community and are honest and true you can’t really go wrong.

    Some people think it’s a race to be the best, doing as little work as possible. Oh well. There loss.

    Beth :)

    • Garen Arnold

      It’s just so funny to watch the forums and stuff sometime. Everyone is always like Pagerank 5 wow. It’s like following the sheep off the cliff.