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Pinterest Secret FeatureIn an age where images speak much more than words, social networking sites like Pinterest have caught on pretty well. For those who are obsessed with photos (Pinterest receives an average of 1.36 million daily users), having an online pin-board is just the right way to go. But the folks over at Pinterest have something more to offer you in the form of secret pin boards.

When was it unveiled?
On the 6th of November, Pinterest announced that the site would be down for ‘scheduled maintenance’. While this may not have been a clear indicator of something new, two days later came the official announcement that the widely popular pinning site was going to introduce secret boards for all its users.

What exactly is a secret board?
As the name suggests, users will have the opportunity to create three separate boards that will remain private to them or any collaborators they add to the mix. This new feature couldn’t have come at a better time as people prepare for the holiday season. If you’ve pinned to a secret board, you can be rest assured that the images will not come up anywhere on Pinterest or on the Internet.

Is it complicated to set up?

Not at all. Remember when you received an invitation for Pinterest and you managed to set up boards under five minutes? Well, this will take about the same time. The process is the same, and all you need to do is turn the Secret Board button on while creating a new board with the “Add+” option. If you’re a Pinterest addict and loves to pin from your mobile device as well, then make sure you have the latest version of their app installed. This comes with the brand new “Create a Secret Board” option.

Suppose I want to make a secret board available to other Pinterest users?
There is an option for those who are tired of all the secrecy and just want to share what they’ve been keeping under wraps. However, remember that such private boards can be switched from “off” to “on” just once before they become permanent. One thing that might disappoint users is that the existing boards do not have the secret option. This is because others may have already pinned from it.

What do I do with my secret board?

This is exactly the kind of buzz Pinterest wished to create around its latest feature. With the holiday season already in full swing, people can use their secret boards to create a private catalogue of Christmas gift ideas, wedding dress patterns, surprise holiday destinations – the list is endless. Your secret board becomes your little pocket of privacy where you can store images of whatever catches your fancy.

Said to be a test feature, Pinterest says that it is open to feedback from users. This means that significant changes could take place over the course of time. It will be interesting to note how users pin to their secret boards over the next few weeks. Already Pinterest has seen an increase in daily usage thanks to this fresh addition. Perfect timing is what social media experts are calling this move by the pinning site. A great way to increase traffic and solidify Pinterest’s tag as one of the most promising social networking sites out there.

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  • Melanie Young

    I love Pinterest. This has been a great tool for many people planning parties and remodeling houses. Glad they implemented something like this. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Melanie,

      Yeah it’s great for Christmas and Birthdays (the secret board). :)

  • Yorinda

    H Garen,

    thank you for giving an overview of this feature.

    My hope was that it also would mean that you could make pictures available to certain people, like circles or lists.

    So the private boards can be made public, but then stay public, while the secret boards stay secret?
    Can you transfer pictures from one to the other?
    As you probably can tell I have not used Pinterest much yet.


    • Garen Arnold

      Yes secret boards stay secret. I am pretty sure you can transfer ones from public to private. I haven’t used Pinterest all that much. Mostly just to pin pictures of lizards…lol.