A Market Samurai Review: A Look of What’s Inside

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Market Samurai Review: Keyword Research is Boring

Try Market Samurai For Free!I remember when I started making money online 4 years ago keyword research was the one thing I didn’t get. I thought you could just go to the free Google tool and see how many search results there are and how many competing sites there are for that keyword. Well, its a little harder than that, and while true you could do it all by hand Market Samurai makes it so much easier. The top keyword research tool is Market Samurai handsdown. If you are serious about getting started right with keyword research you NEED this tool. I have been using it for over 2 years. There are so many features and if you check around on the blogosphere you will see it’s quite popular. This Market Samurai review will make it pretty clear what you are actually getting.

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You should use the Market Samurai software because it will help you with:

• Acquiring and examining the right keywords and how you can properly use them.
• Studying your competition and learning how you can be better than them.
• Finding the right domain name for your web site.
• Getting the right affiliate campaigns in your niche.
• Effective link building.

Did I mention you get a Free 12 Day Trial to see if Market Samurai is for you?

So Lets Take a Peek Inside Market Samurai

I was going to give this guy credit for his Market Samurai video on YouTube, but when you click on his link down below his site no longer exist. So sorry I can’t credit him for it, but thanks, because I know you all liked watching it!

The Right Keywords for Your Website

Market Samurai Campaign

In the project settings of your Market Samurai, enter your title, file name, language, and of course, the main keyword of your new program. After filling up everything, click “Create”. It’s that simple! You can have as many campaigns as you want.

When you’re done with that, go to the “keyword research” option. It’s advisable that you connect to your Google account when doing this to get more accurate results. First, choose your preferred length of your phrases. Next, enter your keywords on the “Add keywords” portion. Then click the “Add keywords” button to get results. This will be able to produce a decent number of results.

After that, you’ll be given a list of options and it’s up to you how you want to match your keywords. For example, you choose the options “exact” for your match type, “monthly” for your period and “no filters” for the filter option. Market Samurai title competition, url competition, trends, ect. Don’t worry if it sounds a little overwhelming at first they have a complete video tutorial guide on how to do everything once you sign up for Market Samurai.
Market Samurai Keywords

Being Alert in Competition

With Market Samurai, you can be aware of your competition through the SEO Competition field. Just tick the options of the settings that you prefer. The results will show you your competitors:

• Domain name
• Domain age
• Index count
• Page rank (PR)
• The page’s URL
• Details of their backlinks
• DMOZ and Yahoo
• If their keywords are in the title, url, description, and header.

Market Samurai Comp
You’re going to notice two colors here: the red and the green. The red color indicates bad news while the green means you’re still in the advantage. You can click the arrow beside the URL if you still want to see more information about the page. You simply need to beat your competitors and in a natural looking way.

Market Samurai Try It Now

Create the Perfect Domain Name

In the “Domain” area, you will be able to create the perfect domain name for your IP address. All you have to do is enter your keywords. You’ll also be required to enter a top-level domain (TLD). Examples of TLDs are .com, .eu, .us, .org, .net, and so on. Market Samurai uses DomainFace a really cool feature. Remember that buying aged domains rank better Google. Even though people say there is no Google sandbox that is complete BS. For the first six months Google won’t pay much attention to your site.

Obtain the Appropriate Affiliate’s for Your Campaign
Right now, Market Samurai approves four affiliate directories: paydotcom.com, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and Amazon.com. Through this, you can find products from these four directories without registering as an affiliate for them.

But if you want to get paid, you should register once you find the products that you want to advertise. It’s very easy when you register and you don’t have to pay for anything.

Get All Those Useful Backlinks Now

Market Samurai Backlinks
Market Samurai is great for Backlinks. One of the factors that will get a search engine’s attention is the number of useful backlinks a site has. If this was done manually, it will really take a huge amount of time. It may take several months if you wish to get a lot of useful backlinks. But with Market Samurai’s convenient feature of link building, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of your time and energy.
These are not the only features you can find when you get the Market Samurai software. As you can see, it offers both SEO and non – SEO features. To make your web site function at its full capacity, this is the software for you. By purchasing it only once, it’s a good deal when you can use it for a number of web sites or programs you’ll create in the future.

Try Market Samurai For Free!

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  • http://www.inspiredgiftgiving.com marquita herald

    Great review – I’ve used Market Samurai so long, it was actually in Beta when I first got it! Obviously I am very happy with the functionality, and I think the do a terrific job with their tutorials and communicating with subscribers. I’m a fan and am always happy to recommend it.

    • Garen Arnold

      Yep, Marquita I was there since Beta too. I like how they update stuff all the time and yes the videos are great. It was great when they implemented Majestic SEO in there backlinks. Walk you through everything. Great product :)

  • http://www.workwithclintbutler.com Clint Butler

    I have been a Market Samurai user for a couple years now and love the search engine competition module in the program. I can just look at the color coding of the data there an know that I can or cannot outrank the sites listed there in search results. I however lost a lot of confidence in the tool when they switched to Bing search result for there competition analysis. Now don’t get me wrong the data isn’t that bad, but I was more comfortable with it when they were reporting Google data. These days I use it as a backup to other tools that I am currently testing.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Clint,

      Yeah I agree and they partnered with Majestic SEO. Personally, I just use my SEOmoz pro account to look at link profiles. It’s a $100 a month but really good for SEO.

  • http://blogsnewsreviews.com/2011/possible-reasons-to-be-thankful-you-may-not-have-considered/ Astro Gremlin

    I was just looking at my different posts and their relative success. Keywords are so important that if you get them right, you don’t have to worry too much about content, and if you get them wrong, the most brilliant essay in the world will not get traffic. And, yes, when the keyword or key phrase is “taken” by the competition, it’s an uphill battle.

    • Garen Arnold

      Yeah it’s all about quality content and maybe peppering in the keywords a little. At least in the H1, title and maybe bold. I just focus on producing the best content I can.

  • Garen Arnold

    Yeah, its a one time payment too. I hate monthly expenses :)