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Keyword Research

Skipping keywords research is the most likely mistake for new webmasters and bloggers. Without keyword research or competition analysis, you will get the following two results. First, you will never get the ideal rank for your keywords in SERPs of Google, no matter how much time and energy you devote to it; second, you get the NO. 1 on Google (or even near the first page), and attract zero visitors.

Keywords research is the first and essential step for SEO, and you need to take it seriously. If you do the wrong keywords research at the very beginning, and then all of the following efforts are wasted time and energy, and even money.

Tip 1, Make Sure that your Targeting Keywords are real Search Terms of Someone
Never take target keywords for granted, you must do keywords research properly to ensure they are query terms for someone. If there is no one search items or service with your target keywords in Google, your target keywords are nonsense.

Take “SEO” for example, a newbie probably would target “SEO” as keywords for his SEO service website. In fact, the most people typing “SEO” in search engine are webmasters, who want to learn about the new SERPs list for “SEO”, not interested in SEO service. Even though you get ideal rank for “SEO”, you will not get revenue from it.

Tip 2, Main Keywords Research for Webpage
Brain Storm by yourself
The first step for main keywords research is listing as many query terms as you can. You can ask yourself the following questions:
1. What your website can do for web visitors?
2. What people will type in Google when they meet with that question?
3. If you are the user, what keywords will you use to search for the solution?
4. What query terms will user type when they look for your product?
As long as you learn about your product, you will list over twenty candidate keywords for your site.

Brain Storm with your Friends and Colleagues
It is limited for brain storm on your own, you need to do brain storm with several colleagues together. Write down whatever you think of without any limitation. Sometimes, you and your colleagues are too familiar with your product to think about it from the user’s point of view. Thus, turn to your friends and families for advice, and find out what they will type in search engine when they search for your product.

Competitor Analysis for Keywords Research
Other keywords come from your competitors. Looking over their page source code, and pay attention to META information, especially competitive opponents, who have devoted much time and energy on their keywords research.

Tip 3, Target Keywords with High Search Volume, Low Competition
Obviously, the best keywords are those with the most search volume but low competition, which will ensure high traffic but low effort for SEO. However, it is not the same in reality where high search volume means high competition. To find out keywords with relatively high search volume but relatively low competition, you need to do more detailed keywords research in advance.

I highly suggest that you read my post on Market Samurai as it’s a wonderful program for finding excellent keywords. Sure you could do using the Google tool, but it makes your life so much easier. I have been using it for 3-4 years. One of the best investments I ever made.

Author Bio Section
KarenThis post is written by . She is an experianced SEO at YOYBUY is one of the oldest and most reliable Taobao shopping agents in China, helping foreign people buy items from almost all Chinese online shops (B2C).

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  • Galen Morgigno

    Great info here Garen. No doubt many miss the boat when it comes to keywords. Then they wonder why they aren’t hitting the first couple pages of Google. OF course who doesn’t love the 1st page!!

    Excellent tips on Brain storming!

    I also use Market Samurai. One of the best tools in my business toolbox.

    Keep bringing the value to the table!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

    • Garen Arnold

      Thanks Galen,
      I do SEO work for people sometimes and you wouldn’t believe the words they want to rank for. Going for the homerun….lol. I always tell people it’s going to be quite sometime to rank for that; here are some better suggestions.

    • Karen

      Morning Galen, first, thanks for comment here, and then thanks for sharing Market Samurai tool with me.

      • Garen Arnold

        No problem Karen. You can try it for 14 days free :)

  • Larry James

    You are right Garen. I agree with you that “Keyword research is the first and essential step for SEO”. What many bloggers do not realize is that keyword research should be done before the website is ever constructed. This way you can layout your categories and the navigation of your site using your targeted keywords.

  • Liane Markus

    Keyword research is very essential to every blog and finding the best keyword should always be done to every website who is into blogging. The information that was shown above really has something very important to share.

  • Garen Arnold

    That and using phrases that are like your longtails and writing quality post (linking them together) will help your SEO and web traffic.

  • Karen

    Yes, as a blogger, we need to do keyword research regularly. and then re-target our main keywords, and find out more longtail keywords for more traffic and high conversion.