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iPod Shuffle GiveawayBlogSetupGuide.com is giving away another orange iPod Shuffle 2 G.B. for the month of March.  The contest will end on April 13th so make sure you go ahead and enter the contest today.  Over the last couple months I have given away a number of these.  People seem to be very satisfied with them so I figured why not giveaway another one.

The only color I have is orange, but then again it’s a free iPod, so I don’t think people would be to upset with the color…lol.  They are cool little gadgets though.   I don’t have to write some long story about iPod Shuffles.  We all know what they are so rather than me write up a lengthy post I am just posting another giveaway.  Please make sure you follow the actions down below to enter the giveaway.

Enter Down below:

Congrads to Shawn Macky

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