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Infographic: Testing Social Signals
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Social Media Infographic
Seeing how Google is the biggest player in the industry it means we are playing by there rules.  Simply put, if you want to succeed in todays age then you must use their features.  This means implementing their Google +1′s love it or hate it into your website.  I personally, have been using it but am kind of wary of people buying fake +1′s in order to boost themselves up in Google.Personally, I have no problem with the Google brand.  In fact, I am quite fond of Google chrome.  I value their effort to combat spam because there is a lot out there.Sure I am proactive (somewhat) on Google +1, but as this graphic shows you really need to get on the ball about Google +1 or you will be left in the dust.  Unless Bing takes over which looks like they are really going to make a run at it.Now, this I want on my tombstone because I have a ton of experience with SEO and playing by their rules, but favoring people that participate on your network?  Come on that sounds a little hypocritical to me.

Although, since the numbers don’t lie and I want to do good on Google I will follow their case study and actively engage on Google +1.   Don’t forget to plus one this post if you think it’s beneficial to your SEO.  What do you think of this whole Google +1 craze?

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  • Jakes

    I still don’t know why Google plus is not taking a leap on it’s user count. So, seeing this infographic I am happy to learn that Google plus is slowly making it to the biggies in social media. The thing is that most people use FB for personal updates and some, especially the naive users, finds the circle concept a bit confusing.

    I hope G+ will soon make a giant leap

    • Garen Arnold

      I agree Jake, Google +1 is kind of on confusing and while I don’t spend much time there I mostly share others content there (the whole 80/20). If case studies show it matters to Google than I just have to play by Google’s rules.

  • Yorinda

    Hi Garen,

    your post and the infographic really made it clear to me that I need to get more active on Google +.
    I do have the button on my website and I have been sharing other people’s post on it but I haven’t interacted that much on there.

    Chrome is my favorite browser and I also like how you can reply to people’s comments on Google+ via Gmail

    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    To Success!

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Yorinda,
      Yeah, I don’t spend much time on Google +1. But, lately, I try to at least spend 20 min a day or so there just to build relationships. You have to go with what the big G says. Although personally, I think Bing is going to start giving them a run for their money :).

      I like Chrome too, its lightweight and Firefox is so bogged down with plugins. I actually wrote a post on that on my hosting review site today, funny that you mention it:

  • Baltimore Web

    Great Info graphic..I will test out myself for my clients site and post about it..just strictly using Google + Followers and Votes..Will see if it really help on Search ranking..

    • Garen Arnold

      Please do let me know what find on your clients site :)

  • qasim

    Hi Garen,

    Well I think that Google is the best company, they know exactly how to force the market to play their roles even if their products some times fail to set expectations. For example if find Google+ very confusing to use, if it didn’t have any impact on search engines I wouldn’t even open a Google+ account. However Google+ has great effect on your website ranking on Google search engine, not only this but it’s becoming away to protect your content online with the implantation of Google Author Markup which needs you to have a Google+ account setup.

    • Garen Arnold

      Yeah, I agree with that. Google +1 is kind of confusing, but if it’s going to help me in the search engines I will adapt to using it. Good point on Google Author Markup :) As content scraping has gotten to be a huge problem.