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Genesis FrameworkSo many bloggers or webmasters use Genesis. There are numerous theme frameworks available that are much cheaper.  This one is the in mid range, price wise. Why should someone choose it if there are others that are economic – wise?  Before I answer those questions, let’s define first what a regular theme framework is for us to have a better understanding of it and so we can compare why Genesis is the best for your web site or blog.  A theme framework is composed of different codes in PHP and CSS that will allow you to customize your page in different representations without affecting the content.  Meaning, Genesis is an upgraded theme framework that gives you more features and benefits compared to a regular one.

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Full Genesis Review – Why It’s So Great?

What makes these framework standout from the crowd?

  • Equipped for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Automatic updates.
  • Extensive support.
  • Advanced security.
  • Dynamic for creating custom landing pages.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Plugin Store.

Genesis Framework – Ready for SEO

Genesis SEO

Genesis comes SEO ready right out of the box.  You can easily adjust your titles, descriptions, and meta data without installing a third party plugin.  You can setup custom canonical urls, 301 redirects, noindex, nofollow (with any post or page).  Another SEO feature Genesis has is the ability to customize your homepage for the search engines.  This essentially means that your title tags, H1 tags, and description are fully customizable.  You don’t have to worry about updating anything because Genesis will take care of it. While the programs of search engines keep on developing, so does Genesis. This means no more hassles of updating your codes to keep it optimized.
Updates Are Frequent With Genesis
Genesis Updates
With Genesis, you don’t have to constantly think about updating your web site or blog to keep it clean and error free. I know there are a lot of other themes out there and while they might be great for a little while you can always trust that StudioPress will keep Genesis up to date.  You see the problem with buying a framework that doesn’t keep everything up to date is they are prone to being hacked (very frustrating).  I run a number of sites that don’t have the latest updates from their framework, and the framework I used is pretty much no longer updated.  The solution is install Genesis because I know that everything will be kept up to date.

Extensive Support The Genesis Way

Genesis gives you full control on how you want your page to be viewed by visitors.  In fact, it’s quite dynamic and making changes on the fly are pretty easy with this excellent framework. They have excellent tools that let you create amazing things like using numerous filters so you can customize your page in different ways, you can make slideshows, grab different headlines from RSS feeds you like, and the whole nine yards. There’s also a theme design tool that you can use so the pages of your web site won’t have to look all the same. You can design it the way you want it which can make your blog just the way you want it.  With Genesis you’ll certainly be happy with the full control you have to customize your blog just the way you want it.

Advanced Security for the Absolute Safety of Your Blog or Web Site

Wordpress Security - GenesisGenesis updates all the time, so your security is awesome with this framework.  Usually, the main reason why a web site or blog gets hacked is because there are no security updates. Just like a bacteria, hackers continuously enhance their skills so they can crack some codes and hack pages. If you don’t upgrade or regularly update the security of your web site or blog, you’re making it very easy for hackers to do their job. Getting a page hacked is a very costly incident and a complete waste of time of retrieving. With Genesis, this won’t be among your to-do list because it has advanced security that with just a single click; everything is already taken care of.

Genesis: An Expensive Framework – Not Likely!

Although if you compare it with others Genesis is a bit more costly than some, but it’s less than Thesis and Catalyst, it also comes with a lot of features that will help you in maintaining your website.  However, if you compare it to a premium theme that in the 30-50 dollar range Genesis will blow them away, easily. Considering that it has automatic updates, it saves your site from being hacked which is a more expensive occurrence and it lets you save more valuable time focusing on your blog or website. If you’re smart, you’re going to get Genesis because of the value and the price.

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Getting Help With Genesis?

Genesis Forum SupportYou won’t have a hard time getting help with Genesis.   In fact, if the video tutorials don’t show you everything you need to know than you can easily hop on over to their forums and post a question.  Like Thesis they are just as helpful and the moderators really help answer any questions or concerns that you might have.  You can’t really email them for help, but this isn’t a bad thing as moderators give you the 1 on 1 attention you might need.

Genesis Showcase

Some of the bigtime bloggers use Genesis:

ProBlogger CopyBlogger
Problogger  Copyblogger

Just to show you some of things you can do with the Genesis Framework check out the screenshot showing some blogs using their framework:

Genesis Showcase

What Is a Child Theme and How Does It Work?

A child theme is an added component to a theme framework and is composed of the usual features in WordPress. With Genesis, these are a directory for images, a screenshot feature, a list of themes, and many more which allows you to customize your blog or web site. They are also used to refashion the appearance of your blog or web site.

So you can buy a child theme that fits your taste and do some minor tweaking and your good to go.  They have quite the selection and you’ll soon find that you can make Genesis work for you whatever your needs might be.

So what are some of my favorite child themes for Genesis:

Corporate Theme
Corporate Theme
This is a solid theme that works for businesses.  It’s very professional and has lots and lots of customization.  For instance, you have a primary sidebar and secondary sidebar (like a lot of Genesis child themes).  Aside from that it comes with a slider that you can manipulate to your liking.  You can customize your site’s layout in 1,2,3 column layouts and even a full page layout if you desire.

With the Corporate theme with Genesis you can even customize your column in 1,2,3,4,5, and even size columns if you would like.  Very clean and sophisticated design that many businesses would love to use.

Decor Theme
Decor Theme

This is a very sophisticated theme that is very responsive.  Not to mention it’s integrated with the latest mobile technology.  There are 4 styles and six layouts that you can customize to your liking.

If changing colors is difficult for you because of your lack of knowledge for CSS this theme from Genesis will be right up your alley.  This theme is perfect for home remodeling sites, photography sites, and niche blogging sites.

Generate Theme
Generate Theme

Wow, is all I can say about this theme.  You can use it for anything and everything you can dream up.  Ideally it is great for lead capture via email forms.  Pretty much you can use it for any website you want.

There are 4 awesome color styles which give it a nice look and feel “on the fly”.  It’s a very responsive and dynamic theme.  I have personally used it on a number of my site and clients sites.

Minimum Theme
Minimum Theme

Honestly I think this is the most sophisticated child them Genesis has to offer.  It’s clean and has tons of while space which I love.  Works great for photography sites, portfolio sites, ect.  It’s a very clean design and very elegant.

The Minimum theme will work great for the minimalist approach and the typography as absolutely amazing!

At the end of the day, it’s still Genesis that dominates the premium theme frameworks. With the limitless support and security it provides, you can use it on countless sites with different designs. Through a one-time purchase, your possibilities are endless. You can use this for a blog, a business website, an advertising page, and etc.  Buying the Genesis framework could be one of the smartest decisions you ever made for your blog or website.

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  • Qasim

    Hi Garen,

    I am using Genesis on all 3 of my blogs, and I am very happy with it’s features and easy of use & customization. What I see the most important benefit of Genesis is that you can completely change your blog design without have to do major customization and coding and only by replacing your child theme which is a great advantage if you didn’t like your theme or found it not converting well, thanks for this great review and listing all genesis features and advantages.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Qasim,

      Yeah it was a long overdo review I needed to do. I have a lot more coming. Like to try them out before reviewing them so people know exactly what they are getting :) Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Genesis framework review :)

  • Sohil Memon

    Hello Garen,

    I like your review very much. From my side genesis are best because we have the customization of Genesis in our hand. I have used many child themes on my blog. Especially I liked “Eleven 40″, “News Theme” & “Streamline”. I have used all the three themes on my blog they are great and also it has cool colors that give best effect to blogs. And the theme provides awesome support to our blog, that’s why I like genesis.
    Once again great work on Genesis :)
    Sohil Memon.

  • Holly Jahangiri

    Frameworks are great for users who don’t want to mess around “under the hood” to customize their themes. (I happen to like messing around under the hood, but have been known to break things badly, too. ;) ) I’ve used Genesis and like it. I have to add, though, that a real novice MIGHT be better off learning a bit of HTML, PHP, and CSS just so they understand what the framework is doing – it’s not necessarily “intuitive,” even for a more experienced user. Or maybe it’s just that it’s LESS intuitive for someone with more experience… I wonder. ;)

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Holly,

      I do like the flexibility to install lots of different child themes. However Catalyst is very dynamic.

      • Holly Jahangiri

        That’s fairly impressive.

        I’ve been playing around with my theme for a while this morning – instead of a “child theme,” I generally tweak it till I’m happy with it, then just make a copy and give it a new name. ;) I’m more comfortable editing everything directly than using wizards and dialog boxes. But that’s just me – most people I know would rather rip out their fingernails with pliers.

        • Garen Arnold

          Yeah sometimes it just easier to edit things directly or have the option to do so. I need to do a post on top genesis child themes :) Which ones do you like?