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What Is CommentLuv Premium? Why Is It So Popular to Bloggers?

CommentLuvCommentLuv Premium is the enhanced version of CommentLuv, the famous free plugin for WordPress. However, CommentLuv Premium is no longer free. The cost may vary depending on promotions and discounts. Anyway, CommentLuv is a type of plugin that promotes social interaction of people over the Internet. This enables commenting on blogs an advantage for both the blogger and reader for the purpose of increasing traffic. This will really help those bloggers who have been struggling on receiving feedback on their blogs and in driving traffic to their pages.  I installed it on my site a week ago and love it!

CommentLuv Premium still offers the same features as the previous CommentLuv but also a whole lot more. So what does CommentLuv Premium really do? Here are the added benefits why it’s wise to rather pay for CommentLuv Premium than using the old plugin:

  • Aids your page to get a higher ranking on Google
  • Greatly improves your status on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1
  • There will be added links placed at each end of your posts or comments to increase your page’s exposure
  • Improves the popularity of your page by promoting it on sites also supported by CommentLuv Premium.
  • Unlimited updates for your CommentLuv plugin
  • Includes an anti – spam feature that blocks spams almost all the time.
  • Includes a Twitterlink feature that lets readers leave their twitter names once they post comments.
  • Enhanced KeywordLuv, now called as Keyword Name, which is more strict with the use of keywords

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Is CommentLuv Premium Complicated to Use?
Of course not! Here are tips that will show you that using CommentLuv Premium is as easy as 1-2-3. Provided are the different features you can use to get that page of yours operating at its fullest potential:

The New and Better Keyword Name

Basically, Keyword Name is the upgraded version of KeywordLuv. This allows your readers to include their keywords in the name field once they post comments on your page. For example, granting my name is Cassie Smith and my keyword would be online wedding photography, I will enter “Cassie Smith @ Online Wedding Photography” on the field name and it will show as Cassie Smith @ Wedding Photography.  I don’t like keywords because I think it looks spumy though.

However, you can customize the settings of your Keyword Name according to how you’d prefer it. For example, you can enable or disable the use of keywords in the name field.

Fight those Spam Trackbacks With the Trackback Validation

This feature will enable you to get rid of those trackbacks made by botspams. With the added options so you can properly remove spams, this feature will save you a good amount of time. Other options included in this feature are the validation of URL and IP address.

Get Those Twitterlink Comments Coming
CommentLuv Twitter
Twitterlink Comments Field is another added feature on the CommentLuv Premium plugin. This is an advantage for both you and your readers since it will give them some publicity by providing them the option of including their Twitter names when they post a comment on your page.

Introducing the GrowMap Anti – Spambot Plugin (GASP) by CommentLuv Premium
This is another feature that has been added to the plugin. There are several anti–spambot programs that don’t provide accurate results. When you’re into blogging and Internet marketing, you definitely know that spams flood the Internet daily and your page is no exception but with the new and improved GASP, you can get rid countless spam comments every day.

Top CommentLuvvers Widget for More Exposure
Top Commenters
This widget is the enhanced version of the Top Commentators widget in the CommentLuv plugin. This will show the most current posts of the top commentators. This will display not only the names, but also the title of the current posts. This is also a good way to drive traffic given that you’ve also made interesting titles.

Judging with all these features, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s better to get the CommentLuv Premium. If you really want to increase the efficiency of your blog or website, you should use this plugin. It has been proven and tested that this plugin has improved blogs and websites by associating it with popular sites like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.
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  • Enstine Muki

    Hi Garen,
    This is nice review of this wonderful plugin. It’s a must-have for any blogger who wants to build relationship and encourage interactivity on his blog. I call it the most perfect gift for my blog this year 2012. The value is far more than the price.

    I highly recommend it for your readers

    • Garen Arnold

      Yes I agree, if there is one plugin that your NEED it has to be CommentLuv premium.

  • Ehsan Ulah

    Awesome giveaway Garen, I love CommentLuv Premium and I recommend it to every blogger, I’m gonna share it.


    • Garen Arnold

      Yes if there is one plugin you NEED it’s CommentLuv Premium.

  • David Hobson

    Commentluv Premium is an excellent plugin for bloggers and one that i use myself, im also currently giving away a copy of it in my blog contest.

    • Garen Arnold

      I am sure you will build some good traffic from that contest. Do you like Rafflecopter or PuchTab for your contest.

  • Larry James

    This is a nice detailed review of CommentLuv Premium Garen. I am using the free version of CommentLuv. And I believe it is partly responsible for the growing amount of comments being left on my blog. I am really hoping to be able to obtain the Premium version of CommentLuv, before the end of the year.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Larry,

      Yeah you should get it, it’s a fantastic plugin. I would buy the unlimited licence for 10 dollars more. Also, you can charge clients extra to put the plugin on their sites blog :) I really like commenting on blogs that have it to so I can leave a link that is relevant to the post. This increases engagement. If you have any questions about the plugin let me know. Buy it through my affiliate link, hehehe