Catalyst Framework Review

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Catalyst FrameworkCatalyst is a WordPress theme framework which is very professional and includes loads of features for any blogger or webmaster.  The first thing that comes to mind with this unique themes framework is it’s dynamic attributes.  Everything can be changed on the fly and without any scripting knowledge.  In terms of price it’s a little bit pricier than other frameworks, but other frameworks certainly don’t pack the punch that Catalyst does.

Complete Review on Catalyst Theme for WordPress

Why Choose the Catalyst Framework

We will be going over some features and details about this framework which makes it stand out from the crowd.

  • Powerful SEO (search engine optimization) integrated into the backend of Catalyst.
  • Thousands of sites use this powerful framework for their site/blog.
  • Use it for multiple sites/blogs.
  • Clean and W3C compliant code which Google loves ( higher rankings for good error free coding).
  • Easy to use integrated with “smart hooks” which make changing each page a breeze.

State of the art SEO Integration

Cayalyst SEO

This theme is built with SEO features that put other frameworks to shame.  You have full control of H1 tags (one of the most important SEO factors).  The ability to noindex archives, categories, tags, and comments.  Full control over meta tags and descriptions, along with full canonical paginated archives.  As if that isn’t enough you can even manually override Catalyst SEO options.

Catalyst Dynamik Options – Full Control

Dynamics is Catalyst bread and butter.  You have full control over everything (and I mean EVERYTHING).  With over 800 options you change in a neatly tucked away backend framework users are impressed with the amount of customization that you can make with this framework.

Catalyst Dynamik

You Want To See how Dynamic It Is

It doesn’t matter if you are running a mortgage broker site, ezine magazine, or construction site.  This Catalyst framework is so dynamic and you can trust that it’s professional, dynamic, and practical.  Rest assured stands by this framework 100% and you would be pleasantly satisfied with this fine framework.  Just check sites that used this framework down below.

Catalyst Showcase

Tracking and Script Support

Got Google Adwords tracking to install on your Catalyst framework?  No problem, cut and paste your code from Adwords and your good to go.   Planning on integrated your PPC conversion tracking into this framework.  It’s also simple to do and is fully integrated with Catalyst.  It’s all supported with this framework and many webmasters have been surprised by all the scripting that is included with Catalyst.

So Dynamic You Won’t Believe It

Really, you’ll be overwhelmed with the customization that is available with this framework.  Are you kidding me no other framework allows you to use 800+ customizations for your site/blog.

So really lots of other frameworks will charge 400-1,000 for frameworks that don’t even offer a tenth of what of what Catalyst does.  All kinds of extra child themes, dynamik skins, plugins, and free graphics are available with this quality made framework.   If your a web designer add it to arsenal and make loads of money from this awesome framework!  Try the Catalyst framework by clicking here.

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  • Ian Eberle

    I just bought Dynamik yesterday which is made by the makers of Catalyst, but it is a child theme for the Genesis framework. I am planning on redesigning my blog this weekend using it :)

    • Garen Arnold

      Do you mean ? How is it working out for you?

  • Mary

    I have used the catalyst framework for about 2 months and must say it’s excellent. So many features! Their support is excellent too. I would recommend this to others who are seeking a good reliable framework with tons of customization. A little bit pricy but really is worth the money.

  • Doug

    This framework is truly amazing. I was first hooked by the amount of customization you can make on the fly. But, once I got it I was so happy. Not only for my website, but for clients websites I do. You can easily make your money back! I love Catalyst and would recommend it to everyone. Great framework!

  • Justin Germino

    I hadn’t even heard of the Catalyst framework only Genesis and Thesis until I read your article Garen, I typically don’t do my SEO with my theme and really on WordPress SEO by Yoast which not only does the SEO but also does the recommendations, scans and helps you remember to SEO optimize better as well.

    Still, this looks like a decent framework, surprised I haven’t read more about previously.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Justin,

      Yeah, Yoast is great and with Google pretty much doing whatever it wants (these days). I am leaning much more towards building a social presence rather than solely relying on Google. Had one site that dropped from 700 hits a day to 70, so I guess there is lesson to be learned there.

      Stay tuned my Genesis and Thesis reviews are coming soon :) This site actually uses the Thesis framework. I love it!

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Garen
    I’m a Genesis man, but I do use Eric Hamm’s Genesis Extender plugin and I have looked at his Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis theme.

    I’m impressed with Eric and I’m impressed with the Catalyst framework.

    Fabulous review and great graphics.

    • Garen Arnold

      Hey Keith,

      Thanks for dropping by and letting me know about Genesis. I think I am the only designer in the world that doesn’t own it. I’m going to have to change that very quickly :).

      You should add Catalyst to your arsenal as I am a designer too and there is just so much control and flexibility you can do with Catalyst.

  • Holly Jahangiri

    That’s pretty impressive.