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You can’t run a car without an engine; so it makes perfect sense that you can’t run a successful blog without actively promoting your website.  Browsing through the internet you might find thousands of different ways in which people drive traffic to their blog.  Whether it be SEO, Google Adwords, or social media.  In this article I want to talk about 3 Twitter plugins and 2 websites that you should consider installing on your blog.

**Note first you are going to have to sign up for Twitter :)

Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget.  This widget allows you to put your social media accounts on your sidebar, footer, header, ect.  Since Twitter is a microblogging platform it’s easy to install this plugin and go to your widgets panel and drag it to the appropriate spot.  Simply but in your Twitter URL (along with other properties you might have such as Facebook).  It comes with some pretty cool icons and you can switch them up pretty easily.  I actually use this plugin on Blogsetupguide.com.

Digg Digg

Digg Digg.  The next Twitter plugin I highly recommend you install on your blog is Digg Digg.  What this does is allow you to put a retweet button on your pages/post or even float on the side of your pages and post.  I am using this plugin on Blogsetupguide.com and you can see it in action on the left hand side.  Not only can you use it for Twitter you can also use it for Facebook shares and likes, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, ect.  Very handy and when people like certain pages on your site they retweet about them, putting your site in front of tons of people.  Don’t forget to retweet your own post after you publish it with Digg Digg installed.


Tweetily.  This plugin is one you are going to need once you have about 15-20 post on your blog.  It can be linked into your Twitter account and will randomly retweet your post at intervals that you specify.  You can even exclude post or categories that you don’t want to retweet.  Very useful and pretty much helps gain exposure to past post on your blog.


HooutSuite.com.  This is an awesome site that allows me to plugin my Twitter account.  In a nutshell you put in your Twitter username and password and control your feeds from there.  You can see who has mentioned you, keep track of direct messages, send tweets, list, ect.  It’s 100% free so don’t bother paying any extra money for an upgrade unless you really want to.  For me it works fantastic.


Twiends.com.  This site relies on seeds which you offer to people to follow you and when you follow them you can acquire seeds.  You start with a small amount when you sign up, but can purchase more if you need to.  Simply put, you put in your interest and keep an eye out for people that are interested in the same stuff you are blogging about.  For me, I offer 2 seeds and will follow someone back and give them a seed.  Every once in awhile I will follow some people that offer 7-10 seeds and get even more exposure that way.

These are my 3 must use plugins and 2 sites that I couldn’t live without for my Twitter account.  Be sure to lookout for my next post which will show you everything you need to know about using Twitter.  I probably should have wrote that post before this one, but I didn’t.

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step 1step 2step 3step 4
  • Hamid

    Man, I have been using Twitter like a spammer like crazy. I never once took the time to engage with anyone. Checking on what people were saying. All I would do is use autobots and schedule tweets every 10 min. What an idiot I am. Glad I found this article.

    • Garen Arnold

      Yes, believe it or not I have made that same exact mistake in the early stages of my online marketing career. It’s so temping to use some sort of automated software and gain follows, but it’s good followers that you want. By good ones, I mean people that actively engage with you on Twitter. Also, a good way to make business relationships.